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Technology-enabled Advising and the Creation of Sustainable Innovation: Early Learnings from iPASS. @rpk_GROUP

Hoy traemos a este espacio este informe titulado  que analiza el ROI (retorno de la inversión) de 22 universidades participantes en una iniciativa subvencionada por la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates que usa la herramienta Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS), un sistema de planificación y asesoramiento integrado para el éxito estudiantil. 
Y que nos presentan así : 


New models are emerging across higher education to improve student performance and outcomes. They include alternate delivery and instructional models, such as competency-based education, digital courseware, and open educational resources. Outside the classroom, new educational support tools and approaches are also helping students plan for, and successfully navigate, college pathways.

Technology-enabled advising tools are at the core of Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success— or “iPASS”—solutions. iPASS encompasses tool and services that provide 1) course and/or degree planning, 2) coaching and career advising, 3) student progress tracking, and 4) early academic alerts and predictive analytics. Colleges can use these solutions to cultivate more integrated approaches to student support services. Although rooted in technology, introducing new iPASS solutions is fundamentally about leveraging technology to elicit institutional change. Successfully integrating these solutions onto a campus requires change beyond simply buying and implementing new software. Systemic change includes reimagining how faculty and staff support students as they pursue college degrees. Technology investments are, in fact, only the first step. (leer más...)

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